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The general idea is that you should begin the page with a brief description. This should be no more than a paragraph and contain the bare bones of what someone should know. This page demonstrates multiple citation techniques and demonstrates the overall structure of a page.

Links and Citations

Wikipedia has a page broken down into categories explaining their editing guidelines. Note that there are only one set of square brackets [ ] with a space between the url and highlighted words. Although we should split a topic into a separate page if it contains more than a paragraph or so, Wikipedia states that it is important not to fork content too much.[1] The example of the one shows a citation. You don't need to worry about the order of the citations, meaning if you want to cite something and not change the rest of the citations thats fine. If you are linking to an internal page you should use three nested brackets with a pipe between the link and highlighted words. For example, you could link to the welcome page. The pipe is probably below your backspace key and may have a space between it.

Adding Pages

The easiest way to make a page is to make the link in another page first then click on it. This will automatically force you to make the page when you click on it. For instance, I think we should make a page on fish tacos, but we probably never will. However, if I wanted to make the page I would click on the link and start writing. A good place to place these would be the general talk page and add an item to the todo list concerning where it should go.

If you want to write a comment inline you can do so with a blockquote. Just write a > followed by a space and write. This will help it make stand out on the page.

Topics and Subtopics

If you want some examples check out the Wikipedia Cornell University page. Basically, if you have a paragraph or so to describe a point, but it doesn't need its own page, it should have a subtopic. Check the format below for examples.


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1. This should be a full citation, but for simplicity I will only use the URL - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Content_forking
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