Resource List

Anybody can and should add resources to this wiki, if you have something to contribute. All resources (scholarly papers, articles, primary sources etc.) that relate to the role new media plays in the political process should be:

  1. Citation - no particular format, but secondary sources should have an author and title
  2. Link - either to direct source or entry in collection
  3. Summation - just a short blurb saying what it's about and how it relates to topic

To determine which category a resource belongs to, see the list below:

Category Pages

Amateur Productions
Fan videos, pictures, art or presentations (including YouTube videos) that are made by independent amateur producers
Politicians To People
Politician's websites and other resources that politicians use to reach the public
Professional Third Party Productions
Blogs or other presentation media discussing politics that are created by independent professional producers
People To Politicians
Grassroot or other organizations that operate as a single voice for their members with the intent of reaching politicians
Politician Use Of Existing Applications
Politicians using services such as Facebook, MySpace, or other pre-existing platforms
Additional sources that may not fit into the above categories

Unsorted Sources

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