Publicity Plan

Publicity Plan

In order to publicize our Wiki, our group has made the site public so that people can access it and make anonymous posts and edits. Discussion will be encouraged on the talk pages; people will be able to talk about sources and how they are relevant to new media and politics. The discussion pages will also serve as a more opinionated area as the wiki is intended to hold a neutral point of view.

In addition, each source will be on a specific category page, with links to the category page listed on the general resource page. This format will help organize our resources and make them more easily identifiable by people who come to our Wiki. Although the resources do not follow a particular citation style, they all contain a basic set of features that an anonymous visitor can replicate. The eventual goal is to build each resource or bundle of resources into a case, as the final argument will rely on them heavily.

Our group also plans to create forums so that people can partake in discussion about our topic. The forums will also allow people to suggest new resource categories that our group may want to add onto our Wiki. The forums will allow for constructive criticism that will help our group improve our Wiki.

Our group also plans to make a table of contents for each category page and organize each resource in a Wikipedia-style fashion. The table of contents will include the title of the resource, a link to the source, a summary, and the categories that apply to the resource. Our group also wants to associate tags with each page so that they are easy for the public to find and categorize. We also may get references from current popular political blogs, Wikis, and other pages.

Editing Guidelines

There are only a few guidelines for contributing to this wiki. These are not hard and fast rules, but instead helpful notes for those who want some direction.


Anyone is welcome and encouraged to contribute to this wiki. You don't need to be a professional or any other expert in the field. If you believe that something pertaining to new media and politics add it to the site.


While there are no exact rules that address format specifics, please try to maintain the sites current look and feel. To help ensure this, there is a template available for help building pages and citation techniques. In general major topics start with a h2 or ++ and subtopics are h3 or +++. If a topic is too long feel free to make a new page and summarize the idea on the current page.

Arguments and Neutral Point of View

This wiki intends to loosely follow Wikipedia's neutral point of view. However, it is inevitable to favor one side of an argument. We therefore request that you at least identify both sides when building an argument. If you feel completely one-sided, try to pose questions that disagree with your stance. This will provide others the opportunity to fill in the opposing view.

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