Political Candidates Who Blog

Candidates' Blogs in the 2008 Presidential Election

Political candidates utilize blogs in different areas of the Web. Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Barack Obama all have blogs on their official websites.[1][2][3] McCain and Obama also have blogs on their MySpace pages.[4][5] However, the unique aspect of these blogs is that most of the blog posts are not written by the candidates themselves. Instead, most blog posts are news articles, videos, or pieces written by campaign supporters. Politicians are able to incorporate many different kinds of multimedia in their blogs in addition to increasing the general public's political involvement. By adding multimedia to their blog posts, candidates educate their readers in a more engaging way. Also, people can feel more connected to candidates' campaigns if they themselves write on the candidates' blogs. They feel that they are directly involved in the campaign, which may lead to continued and more dedicated support.

Blog for America

While blogs for political candidates are commonplace for the 2008 presidential election, they were not always so popular. During the 2004 presidential election, Howard Dean was propelled to the spotlight because he chose to set up a blog. Blog for America, Dean's blog, allowed users to get a more in-depth look at Dean's platform and campaign. People were able to get information that was not available in traditional mass media.[6]. In 2003, as Dean was campaigning, 2,910 posts were posted; in the same period, 314,121 comments were published.[7] Internet users appreciated the fact that they could access campaign information easily online. Consequently, Dean's blog was one factor that contributed to his popularity and distinguished him from the other candidates. Dean received much of his support from the fact that he was able to use the Internet to reach out to the public. Dean's blog continues to exist today, now renamed Democracy for America. Currently, various people discuss political news and events on the blog, keeping political activism alive on the Internet.

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