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Stelter, Brian. "Putting Candidates Under the Videoscope." The New York Times. February 11, 2008
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With the increased presence of video cameras and cell phone cameras, people have found that they have been able to capture candidates in situations that may have otherwise never been mentioned in mass media publications. Many of these videos gain popularity on the Internet.

Primary Sources

"Raining McCain." YouTube.
A pretty hilarious youtube fan video supporting McCain.

"Barack Obama-sistible!" YouTube.
A band sings about the various ways Obama is irresistible. The song is based on Robert Palmer's "Simply Irresistible."

"Hillary vs Obama." YouTube.
A Clinton and Obama supporter take jabs at each other.

"Hillary! Stop the Attacks! Love, Obama Girl." YouTube.
"Obama Girl" taunts Hillary Clinton in a music video by saying that the United States is an "Obama nation." The music video also features unflattering video clips of Clinton.

"Hott 4 Hill feat. Taryn Southern." YouTube.
A young woman professes her love for Hillary Clinton in an original music video.

"I Got a Crush...on Obama." YouTube.
In the music video "I Got a Crush…on Obama," a young woman sings about how Obama is "the best candidate." The video focuses more on the singer and Obama's sex appeal rather than Obama's actual political stances. The video has over 30,000 comments and over 7 million views.

"Vote Different." YouTube.
Made by an Obama supporter, this video is modeled after the 1984 Apple commercial. The video portrays Obama as a harbinger of change.

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